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I am a Medical Center Physician from Shanghai,a model city in China.I love life, I enjoy all nice things in my life, I am gentle and kind ,easy-going and humorous, I love Chinese Classic Works and Western Literature, I enjoy playing piano and learning English, I love traveling all over the world.If you would like to share your online dating experience, ask a question or make a comment, you can also review our online dating blog. and finally there's a guy who really caught my attention and we found out that we have a lot things in common. It will be another two months before I travel to Russia to meet my new fiance.

I believe that women needs to be treated with respect and as a equal partner in a relationship, but all I seem to find is the ones that does not know how to respond to that or is entrusting to it.i am living at a big city in Southwest of China , working as a teacher also an administration staff at a College of Vocational and Technical here; i am a well educated, mild , kind , loyal , polite , open-minded , caring, God fearing, supportive, understanding and faithful Chinese woman .i have better manners and figure also all beautiful things or matters; i like travelling ( often go to travel during the periods of Summer or Winter vacations) i had traveled many countries by now . One fault is that there are alott of scammers on the Site. Kudos to livedatesearch, couldnt believe this, i joined this site yesterday and i have found my love right now. I found a wonderful lady from this website and it was FREE! :-) I got to know a beautiful filipina girl here, on this website about three months ago.. we fell in love with each other and I'll visit her in the Philippines this may to see each other personally. Outstanding website, for a free site, (and I mean free), Finally a site to where you can accually send msg to another person. Other than that, we both found your mates and hopefully well will be together soon.

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